Software Consulting

With our collective years of technical experience, Elkanah IT Technologies Ltd. can provide expert advising for your in-house development projects. We can help with: Software process improvement, Software design, Implementation alternatives, Technology. Our strategic IT consulting will help you automate and digitalize operations, optimize the software portfolio, and implement the latest technologies. Our software development process produces high-quality, maintainable source code. It has proven particularly effective in projects with changing or unavoidably ambiguous requirements. We can help your improve your existing process with the effective practices and tools we employ.

There are many ways to approach design problems. With our years of Object-Oriented design experience, ETL is capable of reviewing an existing design or commenting on competing alternatives. Our outsider status brings a neutral and fresh perspective to a project. From brainstorming problem solutions to custom application protocol design, ETL has deep knowledge of networking and protocol development.

If you have a need for secure network and application design, we can help you with your architecture. We have experience and expertise in many security technologies and approaches. We use a multitude of advanced testing techniques and follow the aggressive testing practices prescribed by Test-Driven Development. Designing for testability is a skill and a craft.